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    1. Vacuum cleaner starting power

      Product parameters


      Battery Capacity:8000mAh

      Voltage Input:5V/2A(Support fast charge)

      USB Output:5V/2A(Support fast charge)

      Product Size:292*55*56mm

      Start Current:370A

      Peak current:740A

      Cycle Life:1000 times

      Operating Temperature:-20~60℃

      • Product description

      Global First Creative design, 3 in 1 Jump Starter & Cordless Mini Vacuum Cleaner & Torch. Three excellentservices for same price 

      1. Innovative separation design. Easy for vacuum cleaner and power supply to install or disassemble.

      2. 740A Peak current for Gasoline Engines up to 6.0L/Diesel Engines 3.0L

      3. Integrated Flashlight for Emergencies

      4. High speed USB and new Type-C charging IC. Portable Charger Power Bank

      5. Strong brush-less three-phase motor, powerful suction for Cordless vacuum cleaner

      6. Advanced Safety Protection

      Built-In Intelligent Protection Device: Safer operation with overcharge, over discharge, over voltage, over current short circuit, high temperature, and inverted polarity safeguards.