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    1. Ultra-thin Jump Starter

      Product parameters


      Battery Capacity:6000mAh

      Voltage Input:5V/2A(Support fast charge)

      USB Output:5V/2A(Support fast charge)

      Product Size:140*76*17mm

      Start Current:350A

      Peak current:700A

      Cycle Life:1000 times

      Operating Temperature:-20~60℃

      • Product description

      1. High Cost Performance Portable, lighter than traditional jump starter

      2. Quickly jump starts a dead battery of 12V petrol vehicle just in seconds

      3. High powerful Lithium Ion battery pack, quickly jump start a dead battery of 12V petrol vehicle just in seconds.

      4. Power Bank - cportable electronic devices

      5. It's a torch, with a built-in LED emergency light

      6. Dual Reverse Polarity Protection and over-charge/over-discharge protection