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    1. Super Jump Starter

      Product parameters


      Battery Capacity:12000mAh

      Voltage Input:15V/1A

      USB Output:5V/2A*2

      Product Size:182*81*41mm

      Start Current:380A

      Peak current:760A

      Cycle Life:1000 times

      Operating Temperature:-20~60℃

      • Product description

      12000 Amps High Performance Li-Po battery

      Applicable for up to 6.0L Gasoline car and 3.0 diesel car

      Excellent Compatibility

      Supply charge for Mobile Phones, Laptops and Digital Products

      ABS+PC Fireproofing Materials, High strength and Flame retardant

      SOS Strong Warning Light

      Strong Led Light

      Vehicle Emergency Hammer

      HD LCD Display Screen, Keep Track of Power Usage

      Patented Turbo Intelligent Clamp, Good For Electric Conductivity, Safe For Use.


      1. Car emergency power

      2. Car charger

      3 . USB cable

      4. Intelligent jump start cable

      5. Switch cable

      6. Manual

      1. Applicable to all the 12V gasoline and diesel vehicles 

      2. Powerful LED light, flashlight,emergency strobe light

      3. LED screen 

      4. Compass